This year, domestic economy will not grow as expected. However, the poor performance of the GDP is not hindering the masterbatch suppliers in the Brazilian market. The results are not always very good, but are also far from disaster, despite the fact that this niche of expertise, highly fragmented, lacks of reliable statistics.

The positive feeling is extracted from representatives of well-known companies, such as Cromex, PROCOLOR, Termocolor, Crystal Master and Aditive. While acknowledging having gone through difficult times during the first six months of the year, these companies are far from showing great dissatisfaction with their sales results. Among them, some showed significant growth. For the second semester, the expectation is optimistic. This is the time when business historically warms up.

There is no doubt that the revenues from commodity sales are more significant. The traded volumes are much higher. On the other hand, the research and development of more sophisticated formulations is unanimous concern. The order is to create solutions to meet market needs and, in addition, increase revenues. The more sophisticated the product, the greater the amount by which it is offered.

A daily concern is to develop different colours to meet the needs of buyers. Packaging market customers are among those who frequently seek this. An exotic colour can give great prominence to a product on a supermarket shelf, for example. As most manufacturers also produce various additives, developing masterbatches compounds aimed at adding different properties is another important aspect of the research.

Average - Cromex's sales for the first half were not that great, neither disappointing. They were within expectations. "Growth in the first half was small compared to the same period last year," says Marcos Pinhel, commercial director. The performance, somewhat shy, was due to the difficulties experienced by the automotive industry and the white line, according with the executive.
Everything should improve in the second half. "The expectations are good. There is an expected improvement after the World Cup. " The first results after the football tournament prove the thesis. "We saw this during the month of July, our customers are coming back after the holidays to operate with capacity above the first half." Another factor encourages Pinhel. "The number of working days in the third quarter will be higher."

Cromex is a Brazilian manufacturer of colour masterbatches and additives for plastics. Its products are manufactured in two plants located in São Paulo (São Paulo) and Simões Filho (Bahia), bringing the total production capacity to 132 thousand tonnes/year. The company's portfolio includes more than 13 thousand colours and additives designed in its own laboratories to meet 18 different segments of processed plastics.

According with the commercial director, masterbatch companies need to be aware of both the commodity market and the specialties. There is demand for all these products. For this reason, Cromex considers itself ready to meet the most diverse applications. With this in mind, there is always room for innovations. "We have developed the new additives and colours of the Dispermix line for the PET packaging market, as well as polyethylene and polypropylene." The formulas apply to customers involved with the various transformation processes.

The reasoning also applies to the additives range. "We recently changed our third generation product additives to flow aids, new formulations for static and sliding, among others. We also have new formulations for the engineering plastics markets. " The news does not stop there. "We are developing projects both in our laboratories and in partnership with customers and suppliers." The promise is a big surprise. "New businesses are in our plans. We will make a major announcement during Interplast", he promises.

To ensure the success of these ventures, Cromex invested in its two manufacturing units. "Several improvements have been made in the product development laboratory, comprising the acquisition of new equipment."

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