Auxiliary inputs help the performance acted by polymers. It does not matter how the economy is performing, technical requirements must keep up; for this reason, additives and fillers evolve in the same compass, either to expand the scope of resin properties, or to provide new features.

As the Brazilian cornerstone in masterbatches, Cromex displays a portfolio of additive concentrates that ranges from antioxidants, antistatic, slip, antiblocking, UV stabilizers and flow aids; to expanders, antifog, anti-fibrillation, purging agents, flame retardants and clarifiers. Such diversity was important for the portfolio sales to keep up in such recessive environment this year, says Giovanni Dias, white, black and additives specialist. "There wasn't a specific type of auxiliary most affected, and among those who kept up the demand, are UV stabilizers, to be employed in various segments", points out the specialist. Such is the case of the agribusiness, with annual production estimated at R$ 1.1 trillion, with participation of 22.5% in GDP, and share above 40% in Brazilian exports. "For this same market, we have launched this year a microclimate control additive for greenhouses to improve the use of light and temperature, particularly in high temperatures," says the executive. Regarding processing aids, he points out the launch, along the current year, of a performance desiccant and a more advanced type of an extrusion flow aid. "The new formulation increases the additive efficiency in the polymer application phase in the extruder," summarizes Days.

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