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Cromex currently engages in different social responsibility projects. Among them:  


Flu is an unpleasant and contagious disease. It is responsible for many hassles and can worsen and progress to other diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.

Cromex vaccinates all its employees free of charge, obtaining great results.


Cromex does not use and does not encourage the use of child labour. The company supports employment for young people, opening its doors to the "Young Apprentice" programme. It consists of providing young people looking for their first job the opportunity to familiarise with the work environment. The programme is two-fold: there is a theoretical training provided by CIEE or Children City in Bahia, and by CAMP (Círculo de Aperfeiçoamento Multi Pedagogia) in São Paulo, and a practical training that is experienced within Cromex's departments.

We expect our apprentices to learn the contents passed on, so we can have a "talent pool" for the many different areas of the company, but also their preparation for the labour market.


Donations made annually by our employees are delivered to the neighborhood parish and distributed to those in need living in the area.


Cromex provides the "Associação ReciclaCity", much of the recyclable material generated on the premises.

More than 300 kg of recycling material is provided weekly, and Cromex is the first company to open its doors to the Association, which today is a benchmark in recycling and social integration.


Considering the need of public awareness for environmental conservation, Cromex participates in the Environment Conservation and Education Program me, promoted by the Department of the Environment of Simões Filho BA.

The goal of the programme is to develop environment brochures, to be used as an important tool in public schools, professional associations and the local community, promoting environmental awareness.

In pursuit of continuous improvement, Cromex runs extensive training programs for its employees, including third parties. For this purpose, the company created a specific brochure with information and environmental guidelines applied to Cromex’s facilities The main aim of the company is to encourage and raise awarness of people and their communities of the procedures and best practices related to environmental quality, health and sanitation. Training and campaigns are carried out, with the main focus on the importance of SELECTIVE COLLECTION, RECYCLING and the USE OF NATURAL RESOURCES.

Considering the need for public awareness of the environmental conservation, Cromex participates in the Environmental Conservation and Education Program, sponsored by the Department of Environment of Simões Filho BA.

The goal of the program is the development of Environmental brochures, to be used as an important tool in public schools, professional associations and the local community, in order to raise environmental awareness.


Annually, Cromex holds a week of events to discuss issues concerning the Environment. During the events, lectures are given, games played and awareness activities performed. The main objective is to get the involvement of the employees in environmental campaigns in- and out-company.

Every year, events are also held on Arbor Day, World Water Day and World Environment Day, seeking to create a conservation culture.

All these themes are constantly released in murals, intranet and on the Organizational Development blog, seeking to mobilise all stakeholders.


Cromex implemented various projects aimed at reducing water consumption in the industrial process and within the company premises. Among them, we highlight the following:

  • A rainwater collection system, to reuse the water in the production process, implemented in 2010;
  • An irrigation system for the administrative area, implemented in 2014 (this project uses water from the rainwater collection system);
  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP): the effluents generated in industrial processes are sent to the ETP, after being properly treated and assessed with respect to compliance with the legal requirements set by CONAMA (National Environment Council) and CETESB (Environmental and Sanitation Technology Company). About 98% of this volume are reused in the Industrial process.


The treatment of waste resulting from administrative and industrial activities begins with the segregation in the source. The wate is placed in a temporary storage area and the allocation is carried out according with their classification.

The recyclable waste is destined to recycling companies, while the others are treated and disposed of according to NBR 10004.


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