Standing as top of the list in the domestic market of masterbatches, Cromex prepares its operation in the automatic packaging intricacies, betting on more functional molecules, says Anderson Maia, Componedora Paulistana's Intelligence and Market Development Manager, run by the Wajsbrot family. "We have Invested in increasing purity, so customers can reduce the application rate of the different concentrates", he says.

In the area of automatic packaging films, Cromex acts in four directions. In anti-lock additives, the friction ratio provided facilitates the packaging opening; the manager brings to light the AB 50035 product. In antistatic auxiliaries, he recommends AE50025 for medium/slow migration and AE50027 for fast migration requirements. "They are additives to prevent adhesion of suspended particles such as dust, which can affect the look of the product displayed," he says. But there are more advantages to these additives. "In powder packaging, such as sugar and salt, these helpers move away the risk of material accumulation in the weld region," says Maia.

Cromex's arsenal is also robust on the processing aids line, like AX 5540 and AX 5848 additives, specifies the executive. "They aim to prevent, during polymer mass processing, that residue suffer adherence on the metal part of the processing machines," explains the manager. "Thus, these additives prevent the possibility of flow lines or black dots on the degraded material." Concluding, the same type of aid, for providing greater stability to the melted material, reduces shear and increases the brightness of the films. Cromex's operation on the niche of automatic packaging extends to film printing, Maia explains. "They are solutions such as additive CG 5094, designed to enhance paint adhesion on film surface," he concludes.

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