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Antiviral Additives


Different plastic materials can become host surfaces of viruses, increasing contamination risks. However, with Cromex new antiviral additives line, your products become safer against those threats to your health.


Reduce contamination risk

Under nanoparticles technology, the additive was developed to suppress the virus growth and persistancy on plastic surfaces. 

Long term duration

The antiviral action persists for a long time. In textiles, the additive ensures its effect after 50 washing cycles. In plastic pieces, the additive ensures protection for all the product life-cycle.

Developed for many applications

Compatible with main polymers in the market, the additive can be applied in various products such as: face masks, medical coats, other non-woven fabric, home appliances, houseware and others.

Non cytotoxic

The additive is a non cytotoxic material, which means it is neither harmful to the cells, nor to human environmental health.


Resin: PE, PP, PET and PS

Processes: Blow Moulding, Extrusion, Injection Moulding

Products: Face-masks, medical caps, curtains, dispensers, seats, trays, A/C filters, etc

  • The given protection provided by the additive is limited to the final product only, not suppressing the needs to follow WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines and recommendations for COVID-19.
  • It is recommended your final product to be tested with an additive effectiveness report , so that you can use this argument in your marketing campaigns.

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