Cromex Colour Simulator


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Image is for illustrative purposes only. Click and drag to rotate the 3D model above.

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Important notes:

• The colours shown on this website are for reference only. There may be differences between the colours on the screen (which may vary depending on your monitor settings and frequency, among other factors) and the actual colours of the products sold. We recommend that you contact a seller and ask for a sample plate to correctly choose the desired colour.

• Customised colours: after setting a colour, click the save button, enter your email and send it to us.Our commercial area will contact you to gather further information, such as temperature, application, resin, etc., and recommend the best product for your business.

• All Cromex's products are heavy metals free.

• The colour codes shown in the simulator's catalogue are in PE resins (polyethylene). However, Cromex has a complete line to meet the various market segments and application resins according with the needs of your project.