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Aligning environmental responsibility with the quality and assertiveness that will leverage your business results.

As far as the environment is concerned, you have to be aware of how your brand is seen in the market, as the public is displaying a growing preference for companies with a more ecologically correct approach, since water and soil pollution resulting from industrial production and waste disposal are real problems that will cause brands to bear the brunt of increasing pressure from end consumers and environmentalists, with a negative impact on their image.

At Cromex we keep track of the main global trends and bank on innovation as a driver for your and our growth, developing products that comply with many different national and international regulations, and at the same time maintain the color standard and quality of the Cromex brand that are recognized throughout the market.

It was during this constant quest for innovation that we became one of the first companies to produce color concentrates that are absolutely free of heavy metals, developed to add even more value to the end product of brands that use plastic resins, besides reducing the environmental impact in disposal and in landfills, as they do not contain substances considered hazardous such as cadmium, lead and chromium, not contaminating water of soil, thus preventing the local ecosystem from being harmed

We will provide definitive answers to these and other questions now.

See below the answers to 6 questions you may have about the use of heavy metal free color concentrates:

As the industry advanced, plastic transformers began to use heavy metals to color the resins, but with the growth of scientific investigations it was possible to observe the harmful effects that substances such as these could cause to the environment and to the health and well-being of people, particularly when these products are toys for babies - as they may put them in their mouths - and packaging that comes into contact with food.

But what are heavy metals?

Here is a very quick explanation. Heavy metals are metallic elements widely used in industry, obtained through extractive activities such as mining. Some of these metals you already know and are very common (e.g., aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury), but what you may not know is that they tend to accumulate in the body, are difficult to get rid of, and in large amounts can be toxic, causing harm to mental and nervous system functions, and also damaging the organs.

If you are part of a company that is concerned about the environment and wants to create differentiation by adding value to its end product, thereby building the image of a "green" brand that is engaged with industry movements that adapt products and processes to a more conscious production method, always staying one step ahead of the growing national and international requirements, then heavy metal free masterbatches are a huge step forward in your market positioning.


The benefits of not using heavy metals also affect your and our employees, affording more safety in the workplace since the risk of cross-contamination during the handling of concentrates is reduced and the need for employee toxicology screening is also decreased. Cross-contamination can occur through contact with cooling water, weighing utensils, and when the same machine is used for different product.

Because they are bioaccumulative, i.e., as they are not metabolized (living organisms cannot degrade them), damage to health caused by heavy metals may only manifest later on. Chromium, for instance, can cause skin lesions, bronchitis and, at high doses, can lead to the development of cancer cells, while cadmium, even in moderate amounts, can affect vital organs such as the kidneys, liver and lungs, and can also cause various types of cancer as well as damage to the skeletal system.

In our masterbatches heavy metals are replaced by organic substances such as diarylide pigments, benzimidazolone, monoazopyrazolone, iron oxide, perylene, naphthol, and others.

Our plant located in the district of Limão, in the city of São Paulo, is responsible for producing colored masterbatches, using resins and pigments supplied by the largest companies in the market in this process. These raw materials and the finished products undergo stringent quality control, guaranteeing the requested technical and colorimetric properties to achieve the result that your company requires.

All of our colored pigments can be manufactured without using heavy metals, including our portfolio of special effect colors such as pearlescent, metallized, marbled, glitter, photochromic, fluorescent, thermochromic and interference pigments.

The masterbatch formulas are developed by the team of specialists in our color research and development laboratory so you can be sure we will achieve the colors you envision for your project, whether it is a toy, household utensil, food packaging, or any other plastic product.

Our color concentrates are compatible with various resins such as PE, HDPE, PP, EVA, SAN, ABS, PET, PC, POM, PBT, PA and PMMA, serving more than 18 different market segments such as toys, food, packaging, household utensils, agriculture, cosmetics, disposable product and others.

As mentioned previously, heavy metal free color concentrates use organic substances such as diarylide pigments, benzimidazolone and iron oxide, while concentrates containing heavy metals use inorganic substances such as cadmium, lead and chromium.

See below the main characteristics of masterbatches with organic and inorganic substances:


  • - good tinctorial power
  • - high shine
  • - good transparency
  • - variable heat and light fastness


  • - good opacity/coverage
  • - limited shine
  • - good light fastness
  • - variable heat fastness

We hope you have understood the importance of using heavy metal free colored pigments in your process, but to recap, we have decided to prepare a quick list with the key differences between using heavy metal free masterbatches and masterbatches containing heavy metals in your products:


  • Helps to position your company as a “green” brand in the market”;
  • It adds value to your brand and can be used to promote your products as it as an environmentally-friendly brand, also serving as a competitive differential;
  • Prevents the contamination of people and the environment;
  • It is possible to achieve the mechanical and colorimetric characteristics that you need for your project;
  • It is safer for your plant employees;


  • Your brand does not follow the trends of "green" brands that are appearing in the market;
  • Your brand may experience pressure from consumers and environmentalists, potentially causing a negative impact on your image;
  • Your product may contaminate people or the environment in landfills;
  • You are jeopardizing the health of your plant employees;
  • Expenses with employee toxicological screening are higher;

Think Green, Live All Colors Seal

Think Green, Live All Colors Seal

The Think Green, Live All Colors seal was developed to represent all our efforts in providing high quality, environmentally responsible products.

Selo Think Green

We believe that to have a promising future, where manufacturers carry out their activities in harmony with the environment and the local population, making the world safer and healthier for current and future generations, it is necessary to take steps to reduce the negative impact that industrial productions cause on our planet right now. To think green is to think differently, to have an environmentally conscious and responsible attitude.

About Cromex

Here at Cromex we are always committed to promoting sustainable good practices, acting in favor of the well-being of the population and the environment with practices ranging from the selective collection and reduction of the generation of liquid waste effluents in our processes, to the raw materials we use to produce the color concentrates that will help your brand become more environmentally responsible.

Today, we are the highest ranking producer of color masterbatches in Brazil, having operated in the market for more than 40 years, exporting products to more than 60 countries.

Our plants are located in São Paulo and Bahia, and have a combined production capacity of more than 130 thousand tons/year.

We currently have a portfolio containing more than 10,000 cataloged colors and more than 500 additives capable of meeting the needs of your processes, whether these involve extrusion, injection, blow molding or rotomolding. Access our Online Catalogues now and see the solutions we have for your business by clicking here.

And speaking of rotomolding, we have the Microcolor® line which was especially developed for this process and allows a virtually unlimited variety of colors and a wide range of additivation options. Find out more about the Microcolor® line by clicking here.

With Cromex you can be certain that you are working with a company that offers everything you need in terms of color concentrates and plastics additives, bringing excellence to the results you seek.

  • Flexibility and assertiveness in development;
  • Personalized service;
  • Support and consulting provided by the technical team;
  • Raw materials selected for each type of project;
  • Robust and modern laboratory;
  • We keep track of your project from start to finish;

Think Green,
Think Cromex


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