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Environmental responsibility

Our commitment to the preservation of the environment and the search for a safer and healthier world for human life.

Our purpose is to provide innovative e competitive solutions for plastic transformers, which help them to act on behalf of people, always respecting human health and seeking alternatives that minimize environmental impacts.

Our commitments to the environment

Responsible production

More and more environmentally responsible production

Adopt measures and constantly seek new alternatives to minimize risks to people's health and mitigate the environmental impacts caused by our processes, adhering to the elimination of harmful substances, conscious usage of natural resources and waste treatment.

Research and Development

Research and Development of sustainable solutions

Invest efforts in R&D of sustainable, innovative and high-performance solutions for plastic transformers, which minimize environmental impacts and contribute to a more sustainable economy for the benefit of people and future generations.


Education and environmental awareness

Disseminate information on environmental guidelines and encourage our employees and the community to adopt good practices aimed at environmental preservation and quality of life, focusing on important actions that include recycling and the conscientious consumption of natural resources.

Environmentally responsible production

We are committed to identifying and controlling the negative impacts that can be caused to the environment and people's lives, arising from our activities, in order to eliminate or minimize them, acting to reduce the consumption of natural resources, minimization and elimination substances harmful to health, waste treatment through the implementation of projects and other Environmental Management practices.

1. Elimination and reduction of substances harmful to health

Heavy metal free products

our products do not contain raw materials with heavy metals in their composition, substances that are toxic to our body and can cause damage to health. With this, we guarantee more safety to consumers.

Atmospheric emissions

Dedicated efforts to environmental improvement, especially in relation to atmospheric emissions. Over the years, several actions have been taken to promote the reduction of atmospheric emissions at our manufacturing units.

The control of atmospheric emissions is mainly carried out by means of equipment for retaining particles throughout the production process, the Bag Filter systems in the production units, which have an efficiency close to 100%. To assess the improvements implemented, the company monitors atmospheric emissions throughout the year.

2. Preservation and reuse of water

We implement several projects aimed to reducing water consumption in the industrial process and in the company's facilities:

Rainwater harvesting system

to be used in the production process and in the administrative area's irrigation system.

ETE - Effluent Treatment Station

hich allows the treatment of effluents generated in industrial processes, analysis regarding compliance with legal requirements established by environmental regulatory entities and its reuse, which allows us to reuse 98% of this treated volume.

Water consumption indicators

with consumption reduction targets at factories and administrative units.

3. Treatment and correct disposal of waste

Waste treatment

waste resulting from administrative and industrial activities are segregated and disposed in a temporary storage area and the destination of what is recyclable or not according to its classification, while the others are treated and disposed in accordance to NBR 10004.

Sector Packaging Agreement

we are part of the Sector Packaging Agreement, which is a group of 14 sector associations with more than 850 companies in the Brazilian market, which brings together efforts and actions to enable the return of packaging, for purposes of environmentally disposal. The companies implement, structure and operate reverse logistics, in compliance with the National Solid Waste Policy, to receive recyclable materials generated by consumers after their consumption activities.

Aiming to expand the national scope of the actions carried out, the coalition promotes partnerships with the cities, throughout the support and strengthening of cooperatives and associations of collectors in the cities, in addition to other forms of recovery of specific packaging. It also includes the implementation, maintenance and operation of PEVs (Voluntary Packaging Delivery Points) and communication campaigns.

Research and Development of Sustainable Solutions

The plastic market is increasingly seeking solutions that contribute to the use of post-consumer resins and alternative raw materials, which cause less impact on the environment and contribute to life. As part of the supply chain, and committed to the sustainable development of the industry, we dedicate our efforts to research and development of products for plastic transformers, which act towards their commitment to people and the planet.

Our range of sustainable solutions grows more and more. It brings together all the innovative and sustainable solutions developed by us so far and involves products aimed to improve the quality of recycled materials, improving performance and facilitating the recycling process and raw materials from renewable or reused sources.






Detectable NIR


in PCR

Check out each of our sustainable lines and find out how they can contribute to your sustainable goals.

Linha Act, Green, Live All Colors

Environmental education and awareness

We constantly reinforce topics related to environmental issues, seeking to create a preservationist culture, mobilizing those around us. For this, we have an Environmental Education Program (PEA), which aims to promote environmental awareness, encourage good environmental practices, highlighting the importance of safety at work, encouraging people and surrounding communities, through training, campaigns, activities and educational materials that highlight the importance of selective collection, recycling and conscious usage of natural resources.

We believe that for a promising future, where industries carry out their activities in harmony with the environment and the local population, making the world healthier and safer for this and future generations, it is necessary to adopt measures and constantly search for alternatives that minimize the negative impacts that productions cause on our planet.

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