Additive Concentrates / Masterbatch Modifiers

Masterbatch modifiers of the intrinsic properties of thermoplastics to meet customer needs.

Know our additives:

  • Antioxidants: prevent or retard the polymer thermodegradation process in heat and oxygen presence during processing and / or directly into final product;
  • Antistatic: prevent the accumulation of electrostatic surface charge into final product;
  • Flow Auxiliaries: Reduce flow lines and increase productivity in extruded products;
  • UV stabilizers: protect plastic products under UV radiation action, providing greater durability;
  • Sliders: reduce surface friction on film and, consequently, increase its sliding property;
  • Anti-block: prevents blocking / adhesion between polymer surfaces;
  • Expanders: are added to polymers in order to reduce weight and improve dielectric properties, of thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Antifog: prevents the formation of drops on the internal and external surfaces of films caused by water condensation;
  • Breathables: specific additives for hygienic products such as diapers and sanitary napkins;
  • Flame retardants: modify the burning behavior in different polymer blends;
  • Mineral fillers: confer improved mechanical properties, dimensional stability, surface roughness, and promotes cost reduction;
  • Other additives: We have other additives lines, such as anti-skid, purging compounds, desiccants, light diffusers, clarifiers, optical brighteners, nucleants, impact modifiers, mould release agents, etc.

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