White Masterbatches / White Concentrates

Masterbatches that provide excellent dispersion and covering power, fit to meet the requirements of different types of resins and final applications: SAN, PET, PBT, PC, PA, POM, PLA, GREEN PE, TPO, PE, EVA, PP, PE, EVA, PP, PS, ABS.

Benefits from White Concentrates to the Final Product:

  • Excellent dye power;
  • Good dispersion;
  • Adequate homogenisation;
  • Resistance to migration;
  • Excellent mechanical properties with good balance stiffness/impact and tear resistance;
  • Helps an adequate cooling;
  • Compliance with the national and international legislations, especially that for food packaging.

When combined with special additives, it offers:

  • Ultraviolet radiation protection;
  • High OIT values - "Oxidative Induction Temperature";
  • Thermal stability;
  • Resistance to flame propagation;
  • Bactericidal effect;
  • Electrical conductivity;
  • Thermal conductivity;
  • Heat dissipation.

In order to offer the best in plastics colouring, Cromex produces and develops white masterbatch solutions for various segments:

  • Agricultural: Mulching (soil covering), agricultural tarpaulins and irrigation pipes;
  • Raffia: Sacks for animal feed, sugar, wheat flour, raffia and applications in plasticulture;
  • Packaging: Blown, injected, coatings, flat and blow films, sheets (thermoformed) also for direct contact with food with emphasis on dairy and fatty foods;
  • Shoes: EVA soles and blankets;
  • Automotive: Technical parts produced in engineering polymers (polyamides, polyesters, POM etc.);
  • Electric-Electronics: Washing machines, blenders, mixers, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, notebooks, DVDs, TVs, etc;
  • Fibres: Monofilament and multifilament;
  • Construction: Geomembranes, conduits, wires and cables, profiles, plugs, hoses, fittings, water tanks and corrugated pipes.

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